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Stress, worry, low mood and sadness are common emotions but are distressing. The good news is that recovery is possible. Treatment involves gently confronting difficulties and habits that have been around for a while, sometimes decades. This requires courage and determination. Please be gentle with yourself as you recover, and remember to recognise and celebrate each success. We hope Andree can help you on your journey. If you aren’t ready to begin treatment with us or with another Clinic, then we hope the following messages will help. These are things that thousands of our patients have told us have helped them on their path to recovery.

  • 1. Have confidence that things can improve

    Low mood, sadness, stress and worry are normal human emotions. However, if they happen too often, are severe or start to impact our lives, then it is important to act. The good news is that thousands of Australians get better with treatment - even people who have had symptoms for decades.
  • 2. Treat yourself with respect

    Most people who experience stress, low mood and worry are also dealing with difficult situations in their lives. We know that anxiety and low mood can change the way we think about ourselves. Because of this most people find it helpful to remember to treat themselves like they would treat others – with respect, tolerance and kindness. So, please be gentle and patient with your own efforts, encourage yourself and learn to be your own coach and supporter.
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