How we think about our past experiences affects how we can help others

past experiences

By Adam Gerace MAPS

Senior Research Fellow, Flinders University

Beware rumination: it interferes with our ability to feel empathy for others

Have you ever told a friend experiencing a troubling situation “I know exactly how you feel”?

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Understanding grief


By Chris Hall MAPS

Chief Executive Officer, Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

The experience of grief is very individual, and while death may end a life, it doesn't end a relationship.

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Let your children play in the mud

Muddy Children

Video Presented by Professor Jennie Hudson

Professor Jennie Hudson's research focuses on the prevention and treatment of children's emotional health problems using cognitive behavioural therapy.

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Anxiety in children

Boy on a Beach

By Professor Ron Rapee

Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Macquarie University

All children feel anxious when they’re growing up, but children affected by anxiety disorders experience extreme fear, nervousness and shyness, which affects their quality of life.

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Overcoming an Affair

Overcoming an Affair

By the Psychlopaedia team

The Australian Psychological Society

Infidelity is everywhere we look and before marriage most people say a cheating partner is a deal breaker. However, many couples later realise that relationships damaged by infidelity can recover.

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How family violence affects a child’s world

By the Psychlopaedia team

The Australian Psychological Society

Living with family violence affects how children see themselves and the world around them, leading to a raft of negative consequences.

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Medicare Rebates

You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for counselling appointments. See your doctor and request a Medicare mental health plan referral.

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